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Prof. DI Rudolf Jauschowetz, solar expert and educational consultant

Ing. Werner Rauscher, solar pioneer


Specialist for solar technique = Solarteur® training

The solar sector, which provides thousands of new jobs in Europe every year, needs a specialized training for qualified employees. In every country this training should already start within the basic education. For an appropriate market stimulation respectively an appropriate market settlement the training needs to be established quickly above all as a continuing education action for employees (technicians, masters, engineers) – best in a technical school which is able to cover both ways of education.


Since 1994 the content of teaching in the Solarteur®-school-network has been steadily advanced within the LEONARDO-EU-program. Today an international coordinated, practical education concept is available for all solar schools (in Austria, Germany, Greece, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy; Hungary [upcoming], Slovenia, Canada). The high quality standard of this unique training has been awarded and internationally certified from the renowned American ISPQ-Institute Florida.


The Solarteur®-training was found in 1993 by the solar pioneer Ing. Werner Rauscher and is based upon a well-balanced proportion between theory and practice. “The education principle is >hands-on learning< says DI Jauschowetz. The education therefore is predominantly carried out with standardized demonstration plants and laboratories where practical operations can be done.


Basically following specific fields are instructed:

-         solar thermal power plant technologies

-         photovoltaic

-         wind power

-         heat pumps

-         biomass

as well as ecological marketing and sales training for the solar market.


The aim is to achieve trade-compressed Know-how. The graduate should be able to understand comprehensively the energy-problem of the customer and conduct an individual matched planning and installation. This meets the customer´s requirements sustainably following the motto “Everything from one hand”.


“We qualify specialists”

The application of renewable energies needs a networked-thinking. In the 21st century the guild system of the middle ages is conquered by new structures. The boundless economy is calling also for a boundless collaboration between the different trades. There has to be a well working cooperation between economy, vocational training and research. Only with that in mind the greatest challenge of mankind -since the moon landing- namely the transformation of the energy change from fossil energy to renewable energy can be accomplished. Time is running out!



The well-trained specialist will have a safe workplace in this upcoming branch of trade of renewable energy. To make solar-specialists soon available to the economy a forcing of the vocational training in Solarteur®-courses is necessary. Present employees like electricians, plumbers or technical related jobs will be further specialized. This specialization makes these jobs more attractive – a real futuristic vision with interesting activities from the planner to the establishment of the plant, e.g. heat pump- or solar plants, photovoltaic systems or biomass heating with the corresponding plant optimization.


Education modalities

Within a first interview with the applicants the complexity of the existent basic knowledge of heating engineering respectively electrical engineering is going to be checked.


                     Education subjects

                     Basic principles of heating or electrical engineering            60 TU (teaching units)

                     Ecological marketing                                                        20 TU

                     Special subject 1 solar thermal technology                        40 TU

                     Special subject 2 photovoltaic                                          40 TU

                     Option subject 3 biomass or heating pump                       40 TU

                     Software and simulation programs                                    20 TU


                     Final examination in theory and practice with certificate


Today the theory contents can already be tought by a modern SOLARTEUR® e-learning program.


More than 3.000 Solarteurs have been educated in the last decade in meanwhile over 20 European solar schools. This education is internationally patented and with it’s permanent updating the latest education for “specialists in renewable energies”.


How to become a solar school?

The solar schools will be assigned franchise-similar from the licenser with guaranteed exclusive area.


  1. School contacts the licenser
  2. Examination of the possibilities in the market for renewable energies (basic conditions)
  3. Road show for schools and institutions
  4. Localization of a modern technical school equipment in the field of electrical engineering, plumbing trade with the appropriate catchment area
  5. Quality assurance through evaluation of the school institution
  6. Tender preparation for the complete package Solarteur®
  7. Definition of financing possibilities
  8. Placing an order of integrating a Solarteur®-school in the existent school system with demo plants, laboratory spaces, train-the-trainer program, syllabus, scripts, international protection of trade marks and integration of the SOLARTEUR®-school network incl. Internet presence (;


“Energy of the future” with renewable energies

To achieve a free and sustainable economic system the dissolving of the dependence from central energy systems (oil and gas) will be necessary. Within the fast decrease of oil- and gas reserves – due to the increasing energy consumption of the USA, China and India – the oil price will increase from the present approx. € 55 per barrel up to more than € 100 in no later than 8 to 10 years. As a result we won’t be able to afford oil for heating respectively driving!


The only alternative is the phasing out of this CO2-production from fossil fuels – for the protection of our environment and for the maintenance of our blue planet for the next generation. The future belongs to the local, self-sufficient energy supply installations, based on local resources. The town Güssing has as first European energy self-sufficient (small)town (approx. 4.400 inhabitants) supplied evidence. Over 700 (!) new jobs have been developed within this new road. The district of Güssing will proof evidence within short times: the district with approx. 27.000 inhabitants has up to now imported gas, oil and fuels amounting to 40 mill € per year. This amount of money went abroad. From now on the district receives local added value. The purchasing power increases, new jobs are created and the eco-energy tourism is stimulated (more than 400 eco-energy tourists per week!). The district is enabled to set the energy price itself. In this way new industrial settlement projects are generated because the energy prices can be offered favorably and independently from the international oil price of the industry. This is a sustainable, local advancement for industrial companies and business enterprises. This district of Güssing is located in the south of the Burgenland without having access to the railway grid or the motorway. An active “circular flow economy” has already started. Our youth once again has a perspective!


As Willi Kirchensteiner from the Solarteur-Leaderschool Munich says:

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea which time is nearly upon us!”



















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